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Stella Wei
Potomac, MD

Keep Calm and Wear a Mask Double Zipper Mask Pouch (Valerie)


Wearing masks is essential during a pandemic. With the need to wear masks comes the need to carry them and temporarily store them as needed. This is a handmade mask pouch that is made from a durable water resistant fabric. The Pouch portable, designed for multiple uses, can be easily sanitization and shows the message “keep calm & wear a mask” accompanied by an image of a cat wearing a surgical mask.

Dimensions: 5in x 5in


-Portable size

-Double pouches for extra storage space

-Water resistant fabric, fast drying, can be wiped clean

Cleaning Instructions:

For Wipe Clean

Use EPA approved disinfectants to thoroughly wipe the pouch from inside out and wait for a minimum of two minutes to effectively kill any virus. If not available, use other alternatives such as 70% alcohol. Do not use bleach.

For Machine Wash

-Wash warm at 86°F

-Low tumble dry heat

-Hang to dry

-Do not wring

-Low heat iron

Price: $15.00

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