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Janice Horoschak
Baltimore, MD

Yellow, Red, and Black Maryland Inspired Guitar Pick Pendant Necklace (PN144)


This pendant is a mixed media paper art creation.

I paint the paper with India ink and/or metallic/iridescent calligraphy ink, cut out desired shape(s), coat them with 2-4 coats of resin on each side. I finish the piece with a jeweler’s grade 304 stainless steel pinch bail. I will include a necklace as a placeholder that goes well with the style of the pendant. This pendant is paired with an 18” jeweler’s grade 304 stainless steel snake necklace with lobster clasp.
chain necklace with lobster clasp.

*Please email me prior to or right after placing your order, if you prefer to have a specific necklaces material and/or length and I can check my inventory for the closest match. I have a range of lengths between 16”- 30”. Materials can range from silk organza ribbon, leather cording, stainless steel, sterling silver-plated, color cable with threaded closure, etc.

See the Overview section in my online shop for more information on shipping, hardware, product care, and other information or you can visit this direct link:

Additional Requests
Please contact me at if you have any questions. Some of the topics may include, but are not limited to:
-If you would like me to list other pieces of my inventory that are specific to your color or shape needs (I have many more pieces in my inventory.)
-If you would like me to design and create a commission piece especially for you.
-If you would like additional detailed images/video/boomerangs, exact measurements of listed pieces (Please reference the item number when possible. (Example: DE102)
-If you would like to arrange a local pickup; (I will adjust the delivery option of your desired listing, so you won’t need to pay the delivery fee and respond back to you when it is adjusted.)

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