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Boba Studios
Baltimore, MD

Rainbow & Pot O' Gold - Squirrely Roo Rabbit Postcard Art Print


These postcard-sized prints feature the characters Squirrely Roo and Cammie having fun with all their friends! Perfect for framing or sending as holiday cards, these illustrations were featured on our social media to commemorate holidays throughout the year!

Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development color mixing puzzle-platformer game based on color theory with a pop-up book aesthetic produced by Baltimore-based, women-owned indie game developer, Boba Studios. Squirrely Roo Rabbit game demo AVAILABLE NOW at bobastudios (dot) com!

Dimensions: Sizes vary slightly, roughly postcard-sized at 4" x 6". Please contact for specific information regarding a design.
Paper: Cardstock

NOTE: Check out 3 for $15 or 5 for $25 listings for a deal!

Price: $6.00

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