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What is MICAMade?

The MICAMade Marketplace is an online marketplace for Maryland Institute College of Art's vibrant and dynamic community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Is the online marketplace going to be year-round?

Yes, the marketplace will be online and operational year-round.

Who is eligible to apply to the platform?

The MICAMade Marketplace accepts sellers from the following communities: - Part-time and Full-time Students in a Degree-Granting Program at MICA - MICA Alumni - Part-time, full-time, temporary, contractual, 10-month and 12-month MICA staff - Full-time and adjunct MICA faculty - Youth Rising Coalition Members - Consumer Cooperatives (with a standing member who fits one of the above categories)

Are departments, programs, and student organizations eligible to apply to the platform?

Departments, programs, and student organizations are eligible to apply to the platform. If a department, program, class, or student organization is interested in applying to the platform they should email the MICAMade Manager.

Will there be a percentage of sales or commissions donated to Art Market?

Yes, MICAMade charges a 10% transaction fee on each transaction processed through the marketplace. This percentage is subtracted from the sellers' payouts. This fee funds maintenance and day-to-day operations of the marketplace. At this time, MICAMade is not generating enough revenue to donate to scholarship funds. However, the Art Market Scholarship Fund became fully endowed during the 2019-20 academic year and will be providing scholarships in the 2020-21 academic year to a returning undergraduate and returning graduate student in the spring.

When can I apply to MICAMade?

Applications to participate in the MICAMade Marketplace are quarterly throughout the year. Applications are available on the MICAMade Marketplace webpage on The next application period begins Friday, October 30th at 9 am and closes on Monday, November 9th at 11:59 pm.

When will I be notified of my application status for the platform?

Sellers are notified between 2-3 business days following the end of an application period. For the Fall 2020 application period, sellers will be notified via email by Wednesday, November 11th of their application status.

What type of artwork, goods, and items are eligible for the online marketplace?

Art Market is hoping to expand on what is currently available at the annual holiday market. Art Market will evaluate items on a case by case basis during the run of the pilot platform. All artwork, goods, and items listed on the marketplace must be originally designed, crafted, or made by the vendor applying.

What application or platform program is Art Market using to facilitate the creation of the marketplace?

Art Market has decided to use My Marketplace Builder (MPB) as the external marketplace platform.

After the pilot platform, are community groups that have participated in past Art Markets eligible to apply to the marketplace?

Our goal is that the marketplace will be available to the entirely of Baltimore's arts & culture community. This includes the diverse number of community groups, non-profits, artists, and makers who make & create locally. When this opportunity will be available is undetermined at this time.

Will each sellers get their own page on the website to sell their work?

Yes, each seller will have their own user profile, listings, etc.

Will sellers be in control of their own listings?

Yes, sellers will be in control of their own listings. There will be no fees associated with the number of listings posted. There will be no limit (minimum or maximum) to the number of items that a vendor would like to list on the platform.

What will I need to download or sign up for to process transactions in the online marketplace?

MICAMade Marketplace utilizes Stripe Connect as the marketplace's PCI compliant payment processor. All sellers need to set-up a Stripe Connect Standard Account. Sellers are prompted to set-up their accounts after being verified by the MICAMade Manager. They can find the configuration link under the Cashout tab in their account settings. No seller can successfully publish a listing, process a transaction, or fulfill an order, without first setting this account. The MICAMade Marketplace administrative account automatically initiates the transfer of funds to all sellers, however, each seller's first transaction on the platform will be delayed between 5-7 business days after sale due to the Stripe verification system. Stripe Connect Fee Structure for Sellers: Stripe Connect charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This fee is taken out of the seller payout and applied to each transaction of the platform.

Are sellers responsible for shipping and handling of their goods to a customer?

Yes, sellers are responsible for the packaging, shipping, and handling of their goods/items to the customer. Shipping is determined per product listing. Sellers have the option to choose a "USPS Shipping", a "Custom Shipping" option where they can list flat fee and use their preferred shipping provider and can list items as "Pick-Up Only" or offer "Free Shipping".

Will customers be able to review seller's work?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Art Market believes that is it incredibly important that customers have the ability to review the marketplace's sellers.

Will there be a MICAMade community forum where vendors could interact with each other and share manufacturers, collaborate, etc.?

Yes, MICAMade is working to build this feature into the platform. However, while we are still building and growing, MICAMade will decide what platform should host this community forum. TBD for now.

What items cannot be sold on MICAMade?

Prohibited Items: -Food/Edible Items -Animal Products and Human Remains -Controlled Substances, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs (Illegal Substances), Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs -Hazardous Materials -Firearms -Blades -Hate Items -Plagiarized Works -Multi-level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Please reference the Policies and Procedures document for definitions and explanations of the prohibited items.

What is the return policy?

Returns: Customers can locate a seller’s return policy in the product listing for the item they have purchased. If a customer would like to initiate a return they must contact the seller directly. It is the responsibility of the seller and customer to determine how and when to return an item to the seller. Refunds: Customers can locate a seller’s refund policy in the product listing for the item they have purchased. If a customer would like to initiate a refund they must contact the seller directly. Lost or Damaged Items: If a customer does not receive an item, or receives a damaged item they must contact the seller directly.

What training will sellers receive during the onboarding process?

Yes, upon acceptance to the platform sellers are invited to take part in Orientation. Eligible applicants are required to attend a 60-minute Orientation via Zoom that covers the following topics: seller accounts, listing expectations, prohibited items for sale, payouts, order fulfillment, etc. In addition, to live sessions, MICAMade can provide sellers with a remote orientation packet.

Are international students eligible to participate?

MICA has established the following guidelines to allow F-1 and J-1 international students living in the United States to participate in the MICAMade Online Marketplace and sell their art. For this participation to not be categorized as employment, each F-1 or J-1 international student selling art in the MICAMade Online Marketplace would need to choose where the money from the sale would go. It may be sent to (1) the student’s academic department or a student organization to help pay for items or services to support students, such as student field trips, or to (2) an emergency fund to help international students in need. For more specific information about this policy, contact the Office of International Education and an international student advisor to learn how the federal regulations apply to you. This policy is dependent on international students’ location at the time of sale being in the United States. If you are an international graduate currently living outside of the United States please contact the MICAMade Manager at This restriction does not apply to alumni in their Optional Practical Training period (OPT). If you are among the MICA international students who want to sell their art in the MICAMade Marketplace who are not F-1s or J-1s, please reach out to the MICAMade Manager at

Who should I contact with questions?

Questions and inquiries may be sent to