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What is MICAMade?

The MICAMade Marketplace is an online marketplace for Maryland Institute College of Art's vibrant and dynamic community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Who is eligible to sell on MICAMade?

Eligibility - Students in a Degree-Granting Program at MICA - Any student in a MICA degree-granting program is eligible to apply to the MICAMade Marketplace. To be eligible you must meet the following requirements: - You have been enrolled as a student at MICA within the past 12 months of signing up. - You must be either enrolled as a student at MICA or on a declared leave of absence. If you are a student who is: - An F-1 or J-1 visa holder please refer to International Students International Students - Please see full policies at: - This policy is dependent on international students’ location at the time of sale being in the United States. If you are an international graduate currently living outside of the United States please contact the Art Market Manager at Staff at MICA - Part-time, full time, temporary and contractual staff - 10 month and 12-month employees Faculty at MICA - Full time faculty and adjunct - 10 month and 12-month employees Youth Rising Coalition

What items cannot be sold on MICAMade?

Prohibited Items for Sale - Food/Edible Items - Animal Products and Human Remains - Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs (Illegal Substances), Drug Paraphernalia, and Medical Drugs - Hazardous Materials - Racist, sexist, violent, and/or harmful work - Weapons - Plagiarized works - Multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing All works must be the product of original intellectual property

When will I receive my order?

Order Fulfillment and Expectations - Order fulfillment and lead times are the responsibility of the seller. - Sellers are expected to communicate the shipping timeline and delivery options to the customer via the product listing and/or continued conversation with the customer. - Sellers are required to provide the customer with a tracking number for shipped packages.

What is the return policy?

Returns, Refunds and Lost Items - Refunds and returns are determined by the individual seller and per listing. - Damaged or lost items will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the seller and MICAMade.

Who should I contact with questions?

Questions and inquiries may be sent to the MICAMade Team at or via the form on the Contact page. Customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am - 5 pm EST.